I am a 35 years old mom; you can call me Miley. I am a part time traveler and love to collect traditional things from where I visit. I’ve been wandering around the world travel writing for 15 years and blogging for 10. It’s been a fantastic ride. I have over 500 posts where I wrote reviews, itinerary ideas, tips, and recommendations for places to stay. But whenever I come home, I love to decorate my house with everything I have from travelling.


It all began when I was 20 I waved goodbye to my family and set off to see the world as an exchange student. Well to see the US, California to be precise. Little did I know that this 1 year abroad would inspire me to live as a travel bug for the rest of my days.


Scroll down a couple of years and I embarked on a 5-year stint in London aged 22. Originally I was trying to “seek my fortune and be a nanny” which I didn’t achieve. I was fired from my nanny job many times so went temping in London on the big bucks. It was enough to pay a proper rent and use the rest to get on cheap flights to Europe.


Well, in 2007 I was hired by a large travel agency in Australia as their full time blogger. For 2 years I blogged thrice a day, 5 days a week and then they ditched it. But it doesn’t bring me down! I keep blogging and make a living! Now I live as a freelance blogger and never knew my life is happier this way.