Asbestos Removal Guide of The Do’s and The Don’ts

Asbestos Removal Guide of The Do’s and The Don'tsAsbestos is not as dangerous as it seems and it doesn’t pose any serious risk to the health.  That is what most people think about asbestos nowadays.  But, is it really like that?  If you want to know the truth, you will get it here.  Keep on reading!

The history

Asbestos was used in buildings since the 1930s.  Asbestos became soon a boom due to its resistance against fire, durable, and affordable.  Now, who wouldn’t want a product with these features?  However, years later, the scientists found out that asbestos wasn’t a s good as it looked.  Regarding to its tremendous attributes, asbestos carried some side effect

Asbestos can affect someone’s health who has been exposed to the deadly fibres.  These fibres, which became the main cause of the bad effect, can expose a human through inhalation.  Inside the body, these fibres will stay there by puncturing the internal linings and start developing scarring for years.

It only needs a single fibre to build an asbestos-related disease when a person has been exposed to the deadly fibre.  The exposure effect may be varying, but the most common diseases found are lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.  These diseases will not show any symptom for up to twenty years until the condition is irreversible.

Asbestos facts

It is true that asbestos is a deadly material.  However, depending on the condition, asbestos-containing material can be harmless as well.  A non-friable asbestos is known to have the least risk of exposure.  This type of material will not pose any threat since the deadly fibres are still bonded with the base layer.  However, when the material is damaged or deteriorate, the fibres will be released into the air and creating a hazardous contamination to the surrounding area.  This kind of material is called friable asbestos.

Where to find it

Asbestos is commonly found in an old building, which was constructed before 31 December 1989.  The government has stated that all buildings constructed after the date do not have any risk of using asbestos in their structures.


However, you have to take precautions.  Many contractors still try to make more money by using cheap material like asbestos illegally.  Therefore, you may need to have your property checked by a licensed assessor for any asbestos use in the structure.

The do’s

When you find asbestos in your property, the best thing you can do is getting help from an expert.  But before the professional come to your location, there are several things you should do to avoid the spreading of the cancerous fibres.

  1. Leave the contaminated material undisturbed. If you find any dust around the material, you MUST NOT disturb the material whatsoever.  This kind of material is categorized as friable, one form of asbestos material with the highest risk of exposure.
  2. Restrict the access to the contaminated area. Thus, you can avoid anyone from disturbing the deadly product any worse.
  3. Seal all ventilation holes in the area, which lead to another location to prevent the fibres from flying out of the containment area. You may want to turn off the fan as well to avoid the fibres from being airborne.
  4. Contact a licensed asbestos contractor for further assistance to manage the contamination.
  5. It would better to evacuate your family from the premises before further action is carried out to eliminate the threat.

The don’ts

Since asbestos is considered as a hazardous material, it’s highly recommended to avoid the following treatment to the cancerous material:

  1. Do not use any power tool on the material
  2. Do not spray it with a high-pressure water
  3. Do not break, sand, scrape, or anything that release the fibre dust into the air

NOTE: Any treatment to the material, which can change the shape or creating some dust from the material itself is not allowed at all.  Leave the asbestos product the way as it is to reduce the risk of being exposed to the lethal fibres.

Asbestos removal: the white knight savior

Asbestos removal is considered as the best way to get rid of all the ACM threat in one building.  However, you have to be aware when you choose a contractor who’ll work on your asbestos removal project.

Before hiring an expert, make sure that he has the right skills and experiences to deliver a safe asbestos removal work.  Since the contractor’s capability can be proven, all you need to do is ask about:

– the licensing that have been obtained

– the equipment and vehicle used

– some references on previous asbestos removal works

If you have several candidates, who are waiting to be hired, don’t forget to get a quote from each of them.  Thus, you can compare the prices and choose the best deal offered, search by asbestos removal Mandurah contractor.

See, it’s not that hard to solve your asbestos problem.  As long as you stick to the safe procedure, you have nothing to worry about.

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